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Re-Joining Twitch.TV In The Hopes of Further Knowledge Sharing

I have changed my username on Twitch, and I’m hoping to start being more active on the platform. While I have gathered a lot of knowledge from high school and college, most of my recent knowledge has come from colleagues and/or other prominent folks in the IT Community that give back.

I’m hoping to start using the channel once a week and plan out what the topics of discussion will be at the end of the month for the next month. If I can get going fast enough, I’m hoping to start this in February and will be posting a schedule for February soon! I’m tentatively thinking Thursday nights in the Eastern Time Zone, USA. I’m hoping to maybe try to fill at least a half-hour of content. I’ll plan to let Twitch record so if you can’t make it you can watch the recording.

Topics for discussion will range anywhere from:

  • Lessons Learned From Working in IT
  • VMware Administration
  • Active Directory Administration
    • Federated Services
    • Certificate Services
    • Group Policy
    • Security
  • Powershell Concepts & Scripting
  • Information Security Concepts
  • Palo Alto PanOS
  • Windows Server Concepts
  • Linux Server Concepts
  • The art of Googling to keep your technology job
  • Cool projects I am working on or have worked on
  • Locking down your home network

Feel free to join me over on Twitch at BlameTheFirepaul