INNOVATIVE, LEAD/SENIOR SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR with 15+ years in the higher education community, with proven experience ensuring availability, stability, and security, while automating & streamlining IT infrastructure services.

I have always had a passion for Cybersecurity and believe IT Security should always be top of mind. It was this passion that led me to obtaining my CISSP certification.


💻 Removed a threat actor from the network and re-secured the Active Directory & VMware environments before any damage could be done to the organization.

💻 Automated Windows Server deployments end-to-end in VMware with custom PowerShell integration to IPAM to reserve an IP.

💻 Automated Windows Server patching with MECM and custom PowerShell scripts for monitoring, reporting, and restarting Windows Services as needed.

💻 Solved an ongoing issue with Microsoft Clustering Services shortly after joining the organization that was stopping an upgrade from happening.

I’m always open to expanding my network and connecting with others. I can be contacted via e-mail at:

✉ paul at

VMware vSphere Administration
vCenter Server 6.7 & 7.0
vSAN 7
vRealize Operations 8.x
vRealize Automation 8.x
Horizon Pilot Administration
Site Recovery Manager
ESXi 6.7 & 7.0
Skyline Monitoring

Active Directory Administration
Domain Controller Health Monitoring
Domain Controller Firewall Lockdown & Monitoring
Active Directory Federated Services Administration
Administrative User Account Creation/Disablement
Installing SSL Certificates on Domain Controllers with or without a PKI
Cycling the krbtgt account password twice, twice a year
Following proper STIGs per Operating System

Wrote & Managed Custom .NET Web Portal for Active Directory Management
– Temporary Escalation to Domain Admin Request
– Pre-stage Computer Objects
– Move User Objects
– Create New Departmental Folder Share
– Lookup User Information Tool

File Services Administration
NTFS Access Control Lists
DFS Management
Windows File Server Cluster Administration
Robocopy Utilization

Windows Server Administration
Windows Server 2016/2019/2022
KMS Server Administration
Windows Server In Place Upgrades
Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM)
Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM / MECM)

PowerShell Scripting & Administration
Domain Controller Health Monitoring Scripts
Domain Controller Firewall Log Monitoring
Active Directory Stale Computer Objects Report
Active Directory Custom Script to use HR data to “deprovision” users
Active Directory Federated Services Account Compromise Detection
Automating Shared Mailbox Creation
Automating Shared Calendar Creation
Automating Windows Server Patching (MECM / Custom Scripts)
File Services New Folder Share Creation
File Services Quota Report for Folder Share Usage
VMware Snapshot Reports
VMware Storage Path Loss Monitoring
VMware VMs that don’t match underlying storage folder name
VMware vCenter Host & Lun Tracking
SSL Certificate Tracker to report on upcoming certificate renewals

Information Security
Palo Alto Firewall Configuration (Rules & Troubleshooting)
Cisco ACI (East/West Traffic Rules & Troubleshooting)
Crowdstrike Console / Agent Install
Splunk SIEM

Current & Previous Projects
Nov 2022 – Active Directory Domain Controller Upgrade 2012R2 -> 2019 Upgrade
Nov 2022 – Active Directory Federated Services Upgrade 2012R2 (3.0) -> 2019 Upgrade
July 2022 – VMware vSphere 6.7 -> 7.0 Upgrade (including vSAN)
July 2022 – Windows File Cluster 2012R2 -> 2019/2022 Upgrade
March 2022 – VMware Hardware Migration from Intel to AMD
March 2022 – VMware VMFS5 to VMFS6 Upgrade
June 2022 – Migration of 200TB of data for File Cluster move via robocopy

Training Attended
February 2024 – Hacking (& Defending) AD – TCM Security
October 2023 – VMWare NSX Ninja Security Workshop
January 2022 – BHIS Workshop Atomic Red Team Hands-On
January 2022 – Active Defense & Cyber Deception w/ John Strand
May 2021 – Getting Started in Security with BHIS – MITRE ATT&CK w/ John Strand
May 2021 – Cyber Threat Hunting Level 1 w/ Chris Brenton

Conferences Attended
May 2022 – Way West Hackin Fest, San Diego, CA
October 2022 – GrrCon, Grand Rapids, MI
September 2021 – GrrCon, Grand Rapids, MI