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Bringing up OWASP JuiceShop on Kali Linux

I attended a talk last night regarding web application security and the speaker was presenting about OWASP JuiceShop which I had played with very little in the past. I have since started to bring this application back up to play with locally.

I will be writing up tutorials as I go through them.

To “install” OWASP JuiceShop on Kali Linux using docker do the following:

Install Docker: sudo apt install

Run: sudo docker pull bkimminich/juice-shop

Run: sudo docker run -d -p 3000:3000 bkimminich/juice-shop

Quick Docker Commands To View/Stop Containers:

To view what docker containers are running: sudo docker container ls

To stop a docker container: sudo docker stop 5698ef8694e5 (Using the ContainerID from above, use your own Container ID here)

Performing another sudo docker container ls shows that there are now no containers running.

Kali Linux on Intel Macbook Pro 16″ with VMware Fusion 12.1.2

I have been struggling to figure out why Kali Linux would not update after a fresh install on VMware Fusion, virtualized on my Intel Macbook Pro 16″ laptop.

I was either receiving one of these error messages when trying to perform a “sudo apt update” on a fresh install:

The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG ED444FF07D8D0BF6 Kali Linux Repository <[email protected]>


apt-get updateGet:1 InRelease [30.5 kB]Get:2 [66.1 kB]Get:3 [124 kBGet:4 [11.0 MB]Get:4 [11.0 MB]Err:4

Hash Sum mismatchHashes of expected file:- Filesize:11015732 [weak]- SHA256:b20b6264d4bd5200e6e3cf319df56bd7fea9b2ff5c9dbd44f3e7e530a6e6b9e0- SHA1:2d8b15ab8109d678fe1810800e0be8ce3be87201 [weak]- MD5Sum:d0b5f94ba474b31f00f8911ac78258ec [weak]

Hashes of received file:- SHA256:a7b9ca82fc1a400b2e81b2ebc938542abfdbfa5aecdfa8744f60571746ec967b- SHA1:5d870530aa87398dcb11ecb07e6a25ca0746985f [weak]- MD5Sum:9a4824220c0a5fa6cb74390851116b73 [weak]- Filesize:9828918 [weak]

There seems to be an issue within VMware Fusion with the network management, trying to share a WiFi connection. I’ve read on some forums that people have had luck with sharing the connection instead of bridging it. If I try to share the connection I lose internet on my Kali VM.

The only way I can keep a connection is to bridge the connection, which gives me an IP off my wireless and lets me browse the Internet but something is being done to the traffic when trying to update which causes some security issues.

My current work around was to plug in another USB WiFI adapter and pass it through to the VM and let the VM use it to connect to my wireless in order to get out.

This only appears to be an issue when installing or updating software and I’m not quite sure what the network stack is doing underneath. When I have more time I hope to dig into this further..